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Asked Questions

Q.  Why would I choose cremation for my pet? 
A.  Pet cremations are the fastest growing part of the death industry. In fact, the number of pet crematories is growing rapidly around the world in response to increasing demand, and cremation is now more far more common than burial for pets. 
As the Pet Cremation process is becoming more standardized, we are able to offer various new options including pet chapels, urns and keep sake jewellery.
Cremation ensures you are able to give them a loving and dignified farewell, and with the change in lifestyles to smaller sections, apartment living, and moving house, it ensures you are able to always have your beloved pet with you.



Q.  What will fit in the Cremator? 
A.  We can fit a pet/animal weighing up to 60kg in the cremator, so this means we can easily fit n your precious guinea pigs, birds, cats, dogs or other small to medium size animals. Our cremator has two small chambers therefore your pet is cremated individually, not in bulk. 

Q.  Can I organise it myself or do I have to do it through my Vet? 
A.  If you are thinking about having your beloved pet euthanised by a vet, they will probably offer you the option of having the pet cremated which is where we can help you. We also cremate pets that die naturally from old age or those that die tragically from an accident. With prior warning we are able to cremate animals which have been previously buried, so if you are moving house you are able to take your much loved pet with you. You are welcome to contact us either before or after your Vet visit to organise the cremation details and we will take care of everything for you.  If you have prior knowledge that your pet may be euthanised, you are able to make a booking online. Our dedicated Pet Hearse is available to collect your pet from the vet clinic or your home and bring them back to Forever Pets [there is a small additional cost  involved, please phone for details] or you are most welcome to personally deliver your much loved pet to our crematorium here in Thames. 

Q.  How do I know that what I get back is actually my pets ashes? 
A.  As each pet is cremated individually we can guarantee that the ashes you get back belong to your pet, and only your pet only giving you total peace of mind. Our cremator is a purpose-built pet cremator which is used to only for pet cremations. 

Q.  How do I receive my pets ashes? 
A.  Your pets' ashes are returned in a cardboard box,or you may choose  to upgrade to an engraved wooden urn or cardboard tube for scattering along with a signed cremation certificate and poem. Forever Pets is able to engrave your pets photo/name onto a wooden urn or we have the photo placed onto a metal plaque for you.

Q.  How long does it take to get their ashes? 
A.  If you choose same day cremation we are able to return the ashes back to you on that day providing we cremate before 1pm. (there is a small additional cost for same day cremations)

Q.  Can we do a ceremony or final farewell? 
A.  Yes you can in our bespoke pet chapel.  We prefer that you advise us of the need to use the chapel  so we able to ensure we have some separation of families onsite. If you wish, you may make arrangements with your own Church Minister or a celebrant to conduct a small service for your beloved pet in our pet chapel 


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