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Bunny Kisses

The bond between a pet and
an owner lasts forever.


Remember your beloved pet with an urn of ashes in your home.


Cardboard Scatter Urns.jpg
Rimu, Rose, Mahogany Flat Lid Urn.jpg
Pacific Rimu Urn.jpg

Cardboard Scatter Tubes


Rimu, Rose, Mahogany Flat Lid Urn

Including Nameplate: $130
White Painted Flat Lid Urn including
Nameplate: $150

Macrocarpa Urns

Small: $45    Medium: $55    Large: $65
Includes engraving of pets name
onto gold label

Additional engraving priced on application


MDF Lined Caskets.jpg

Akbar Urn

Small: $75        Large: $230

White Painted MDF Lined Caskets
including Nameplate

12 inch: $285       20 inch: $300
24 inch: $420       36 inch: $480

Pet Cremation Stone

Children's Companion (0-2kg): $299

Puppy or Kitten (2-5kg): $399
      Small Dog or Cat (5-15kg): $499

Medium Dog (15-30kg): $499

Large Dog (30-45kg): $499

XL Dog or Horse (+45kg): $599

Dog & Cat Pals
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